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    Greetings! To Whom It May Concern;


    My name is Malaz. Im American.

    Ive lived in Beijing for about 10 years. Ive been teaching for almost 30 years.

    Currently (in part, thanks to Rosie) I am the Principal at Jingmao, Taolesi International

    Kindergarten. Ive been contracted with her for almost four years, living in one of

    her apartments for a little longer than that.

    Ive been signed with other agents and companies but Rosie seems to be the only

    straight forward and honest agent in Beijing! (I know its not true, but seriously...

    shes awesome) Any time I needed any help, shes been there!


    If youre new to China, I can tell you, its not easy. The language is difficult to learn,

    the peoples customs can get infuriating at times but if you stick with it, and have

    a real desire to help your students, youll do fine. Also, if you do well, your school

    and fellow employees probably wont tell you, but they will tell Rosie! She doesnt save face

    with her foreign clients. She knows we hate that! She has made a great business

    of understanding what foreigners want and helping them get it!

    Also, many employers will not pay on the date agreed upon. Rosie knows this and

    will pay you on time whether your school does or not!


    As for my part, I try to help Rosie whenever I can! For newbies, I help show them around,

    tell them where and how to get the things they want and have a huge library

    of teaching books available. If youd like my assistance, just ask Rosie to give you

    my wechat address. Ill be glad to offer my experience and help too!


    Anyway, welcome to China!