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      Junior high school English learning is very important, many students in English training institutions to learn, the following European and American foreign teachers for you to share the importance of junior high school English learning?


      1、 Learning junior high school English lays a good foundation for the future


      No matter what you learn, if you want to succeed in the end, you must first lay a good foundation, learning English is not an exception. When the basic knowledge of middle school is learned solidly, it will be easy to learn later. It's OK to do a good job in docking. It's only natural that the examination results will be very good. The more you learn, the more you love to learn. It comes from active learning. Therefore, you will receive the best practical effect. This is a quantitative change to a qualitative change.


      2、 Learning junior high school English can improve the comprehensive examination results


      English as a foreign language, relative to other disciplines, has some difficulty coefficient. It's not like we've heard and seen Chinese mathematics since childhood. Some basic skills are in it. It's better to learn them. But today's culture and education survey is a comprehensive ability to learn and work, not a highlight on the line, must be all-round learning, in order to get a more ideal comprehensive examination results. Junior high school English is a particularly important course, only the test results up, firmly believe that other is not a problem.


      3、 Learning junior high school English can shape students' self-confidence


      Self confidence is very important to a person, and it is not rare, but acquired by training. It may not be difficult for them to learn English well in middle school, but it must be something they are proud of. Especially when relatives and friends are together, if you can speak fluent oral English, I firmly believe that not only you, your parents will become the focus of friends here. So the sense of honor, self-confidence will be beyond words. The self-confidence of the students is shaped inadvertently.